Friday, September 5, 2014

Lust vs. Must

 As summer is coming to an end I have already started looking forward to the fall season. I love everything about fall, and although I may not be ready to put away my summer clothes yet ( I have a couple of beach trips coming up soon), I am ready to start shoe shopping.  I love shoes, but I never want to break the bank so I went out determined to find reasonable prices on my favorite looks. I found similar shoe styles to all the ones I'd been lusting over for under $100. I'd say that was a success!  I hope my husband agrees.

1.) Oxblood Heels: Those that know me know that my favorite color is red so of course I had to have a shade of red on my list.  One of my favorite shades of red for the fall is oxblood.  It's a darker red that would compliment many other colors in my wardrobe. These stilettos will provide a necessary pop of color into my outfits.

2.) Ankle Boots: Last season I vowed to not buy another pair of riding boots because my closet is overloaded in that department, but I can't say no to boots so I added a flat, buckled, ankle boot to my wish list. This is the perfect pair to transition from summer to fall. These would be cute with a summer dress, and would go great with jeans as temperatures start dropping.

3.) Lace-up heels: These suede black beauties are a fun, welcomed change to the classic black pump, and a great way to dress up a LBD (little black dress).

4.) Open-toe Slingbacks: The perfect shoe for fall! Since it's open-toe it will be hard to transition this shoe into the winter, but just like the ankle boots I selected these are the perfect shoes to transition from summer to fall  Again, these would work well with a dress or jeans. 

What shoes are on your fall wishlist? Let me know by commenting below.

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