Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 Oscar Fashion Breakdown

I enjoy watching the Oscar red carpet just as much as watching the actual awards.  Here are my high and low fashion favorites from this year.

Best Dressed Female- This category was a tie between Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron.  Both looked like Hollywood Royalty!  I loved the cape on Kate's Atelier Versace dress, and she wasn't over styled with too many accessories.  She kept her jewelry simple which helped keep the focus on that fabulous dress!  Her hair and makeup complimented the look perfectly!

When Charlize stepped on the red carpet in this stunning Dior gown my jaw literally dropped.  She choose black which is a difficult color to "WOW" in, but she pulled it off.  The dress hugged her curves to flaunt her hourglass figure, and the necklace provided the pop of excitement that a black dress requires.  In my opinion, she's never looked better. 

Best Dressed Honorable Mentions: Bette Midler & Portia De Rossi.  These two surprised me.  You probably won't find them on many people's best dressed lists, but I standby my initial reactions that these two looked marvelous from head to toe.

Best Dressed Male- This was a tough decision because I thought the men really showed their creativity steering away from the standard black tux. Nonetheless, the classic look still prevails for me so Bradley Cooper is my 2014 Best Dressed Male wearing Tom Ford.

Best Dressed Couple- Matthew Mcconaughey & Camila Alves.  Individually they were each remarkable, but together they were perfection!  He was unrecognizable from his Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective characters, and I was thrilled to see his handsome transformation return in this Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo. Camila was statuesque in a fitted light pink Gabriela Cadena gown with side draping.

Honorable Mention: Brad & Angelina.

My Favorite Color Gown- Lupita Nyong'o. She impressed everyone all awards season with her fashion choices, and she didn't disappoint wearing Prada at the Oscars.  The color helped make this gown standout among the rest!

Colorful Honorable Mentions (Female)- Jennifer Lawrence & Viola Davis

My Favorite Color Tux- Chris Hemsworth looked very fashion forward in this burgundy hue.

Colorful Honorable Mentions (Male)- Jared Leto & Kevin Spacey.  Jared had the perfect pop of color wearing a red bow tie.

Kevin's blue tuxedo was spot on.  I loved the black lapel on the jacket tying in his black bow tie to the look.  This is the tuxedo I wish Jason Sudeikis would have worn.  Jason wore the same blue hue, but his clashed against his fiance, Oliva Wilde's, black gown because he didn't have the black lapel.  If Jason wore Kevin's tux they would have been one of my best dressed couples.

Best Hair- Sandra BullockShe looked drop dead gorgeous!  Her side swept hair was perfection. 

Best Maternity Style- Olivia Wilde. Again, I was wowed by a black dress. Typically, not a color to standout in a crowd, but Olivia looked flawless!  Although, you can't see the detail in this picture the back of this dress was beautiful.  I love Kerri Washington's style, but she underwhelmed me at this awards show.  I say embrace the bump, and Olivia did!

Underwhelming Female-  Amy Adams.  I wanted to love her look, but I couldn't.  She was one of the ladies I was most excited to see because I heard she wanted to style herself.  I thought she would take a fashion risk, but she ended up playing it way too safe.  She was up for leading actress, and it was her time to shine in the spotlight.  Unfortunately, she missed the mark for me.  I found her dress boring, her hair flat, and nothing made her stand out.

Honorable Mentions: Emma Watson & Anna Kendrick.

Underwhelming Male- Zac Efron.  He's so handsome, but I feel like we see him in a black tux with a black skinny tie at every awards show.  I hope he spices it up next time!

Worst Dressed Female- Penelope Cruz. The fit was bad, the style has been done, and it just didn't seem glamorous enough for the event.

Best Presenter Looks: Anne Hathaway & Jennifer Gardner. Neither girls were nominated, but they both selected dresses that looked incredible when they were on stage.  Anne's gown sparkled in the spotlight and brought even more attention to her flawless skin. 

Jennifer's gown swayed beautifully as she glided across the stage towards the microphone.  It was a mediocre gown to me when I saw it photographed on the red carpet, but watching her move in the dress brought the gown to life.  This gown would've been one of my top looks if the top was a different cut.  I thought the top half of the gown with the spaghetti straps was a little more 90's prom gown than Oscar gown.

Worst Dressed Male- Pharrell Williams. It might have been raining in LA, but this was a fashion risk gone wrong.

Best Jewelry- Idina Menzel. She looked incredible in her Vera Wang gown, but her necklace stole the show! Her song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen was nominated, and she brought the ice in her show stopping Chimento necklace.

B*@$# Stole My Look- Cate Blanchett & Sara Bareilles.  Cate may have improved upon the look, but I couldn't help but notice that her dress looked similar to Sara Bareilles 2014 Grammy dress.  Sara's might have been a high-low dress with feathery details instead of jeweled details, but the neutral color with details dangling throughout has been done (this year nonetheless).  I know most people loved it, but I wish she would have chose a more vibrant color.

Those are all my picks who were yours?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Yours Truly,

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